Recent and Current Data Analysis Projects

Pharmacy and Medicaid claims analyses have been conducted, including comprehensive utilization and expenditure analyses of drugs and medical services and identification of utilization and access behavior patterns, within various disease and demographic groups for the following states.

pdfAlabama Medicaid Claims Analysis Report

pdfNew Jersey Medicaid Claims Resource Utilization Analysis
SFY 2005 - Final Findings and Recommendations

pdfOhio Medicaid Prescription Utilization Analysis Final Findings and Recommendations

pdfVirginia Medicaid Medical Claims Resource Utilization Analysis

Florida Claims Analysis Findings
Opportunities for Savings and Improved Outcomes in Commercial Plans and State Medicaid Programs


Multi-State Claims Analyses and Strategies:

pdfUncoordinated Care Analysis Findings: General Overview
pdfMulti-state uncoordinated care analysis:
"Identifying and Quantifying the Cost of Uncoordinated Care: Opportunities for Savings and Improved Outcomes"

pdfSummary of Analytical Findings and Identified Savings for State Medicaid Programs